Ready for the upcoming season?

When was the last time you stopped and took inventory? Checked in to consider your life?

For our family, the next couple of weeks will be a time of transition. Summer is ending and school is beginning. Which means -- it is a great time to stop and take inventory of our lives. How are we? What can we celebrate from our summer? What has the summer revealed about what might need to change? What do we need to be focusing on as schedules and energies shift?

The first tool in the LifePlan process is called The 4 Helpful Lists. It's a simple tool to gain perspective on life right now. Consider answering the following questions as you reflect on this transitional time:

What is right?

What is wrong?

What is confused?

What is missing?

If some thing is right, it ought to be optimized. If something is wrong, it needs to be changed. If something is confused, it needs to be clarified. And, if something is missing, it simply needs to be added. Allow these simple questions to help you sift through life and discern what next steps you may need to take.