Navigating Life's Journey

About 5 years ago Chad and I found ourselves in a place of tension around our work and our future. We weren't just asking, "what's next?," but rather "who are we?" There was a deep longing to better understand our unique bents in order to better discern our participation in opportunities  presented to us. We attended a conference where we happened to hear from Pete Richardson. Pete is a partner and lead trainer at the Paterson Center (which is the parent organization of the LifePlan process). Pete spoke to the journey of calling and as we listened, we found ourselves in the story he was telling. We were seeking. We were hungry. And, we needed help in discerning all of this. Hearing Pete started a ball rolling for us that proved to be incredibly clarifying. In the months that followed we would each go on to participate in a LifePlan, and then to be trained to become facilitators ourselves. The Paterson Center recently produced a great interview with Pete where he shares much of what we heard 5 years ago. I encourage you to take a listen. Pete is full of wisdom. It's worth the listen.

Check here to hear from Pete Richardson about navigating life's journey and about the LifePlan process.