Turning Points

One of the most significant exercises in the LifePlan process, in terms of digging into an individual's uniqueness, is what we call "Turning Points."  On the first day of the process we will spend close to four hours walking through the client's story, noticing and naming moments that changed their trajectory in some way.  Sometimes, what may seem like a small or insignificant moment turns out to be incredibly important.  Even a subtle shift in life becomes substantial over time when you consider it on a continuum.  Sometimes a simple invitation, a kind word, or just the sense of being truly seen can impact our lives in ways that change everything.  

Last night we had about 25 Denver 20-somethings sitting around the table on our back patio.  Over wine and dessert, we went around the circle and shared about significant moments and people in our lives. I'm always struck by people's unique life experiences and how, for me, they point towards the divine.  A Good Author is weaving together our stories.  

Every minute, someone somewhere is experiencing what will become a significant turning point in their life.  What a gift that, often unknowingly, we show up and intersect these moments.  

May we show up spacious, kind and quick to cheer others on.