Dig Your Well.

In June I heard a woman tell a story about a village.  It was a story of unclean water and the transformation that came when this village received it's own well.  This village, who always had the water they desperately needed in the earth below, now could access it because a well had been dug. She made a powerful connection to calling that has stuck with me.

You have to dig for the well, not just wait for the rain. God has put greatness in you.

I've been noticing recently just how much I desire instant gratification.  It's hard to wait.  I don't have time for delay.  And, if something is hard in addition to taking time, my gut reaction is to come up with a quicker solution.  From Pinterest to Amazon Prime, I can easily begin my search and come up with something quick and easy.  

But, calling doesn't work this way.

What if we live like this village?  Waiting for rain.  Traveling hours to another village to get the water we need to live.  Or possibly short-cutting the whole process by simply consuming bottled water.

And, what if as we do this, we actually contain the water inside of us?

How do we begin to tap into the source?

I have never personally dug a well.  But, I know that it takes time, resources and the expertise of doing it right.  It takes the core belief that the water is actually down there.  And it takes the vision of the common good and flourishing that will come from this labor of love.  The well-being of humanity is at stake here.

Do you believe that there is God-given greatness in you?

Can you envision the flourishing of the community around you as you begin to live out of this greatness?

Are you willing to take the time and do the work to dig?