The LifePlan process provided a special and rare opportunity to reflect on past experiences, personal qualities, and core values. It was wonderful to take pause and assess where I’ve been, where I am, and where I want to be. Bekah was a phenomenal facilitator, asking thoughtful questions and sharing valuable insights along the way. In just two days I gained fresh perspectives on my life experiences and new ways to approach decision-making and life planning in the future.
— Liz, University Professor
Doing LifePlan was such a pivotal step for me because it gave me space and a framework to look over the scope of my life so far and build a narrative of who I am and who I want to be. Finding that time in my life was almost impossible without Chad and the process of LifePlan. One of the most beneficial components of LifePlan was getting help defining my core values and seeing how they overlay the various areas of my life. I was surprised at the things I was doing every day that were opposed to what I truly value.
— Kimbal, Vice President, Kellory and Co Inc.
Walking through the LifePlan experience with Bekah was life changing. With her intuitive and skillful guidance, I was able to accurately identify and hone in on my true life purpose and calling. It’s like a great light dawned on my consciousness in the area that had previously felt most dim, and I now have the confidence and momentum to take the necessary steps to fulfill my life purpose.
— China, Musician, Singer-Songwriter
Having Chad facilitate the LifePlan process for me was an incredibly clarifying and encouraging two days. In so many ways- the past, present and future began to fit together in a beautiful way. It continues to serve as both gift and guide as I navigate the days and years ahead.
— Jared, Pastor, TNL Church
After previous, unhelpful encounters with career counselors and life coaches, it was so wonderful to find LifePlan, and Bekah. The LifePlan process was fantastic — informative, enlightening, and useful in concrete terms. As a woman considering work-family balance questions, I found it particularly helpful to think about my career plans within the context of my family and personal goals. Bekah was great! A thoughtful, effective facilitator who helped me to think clearly and carefully about my next steps. I would highly recommend this process and Bekah.
— Sarah, Fellow, University of Colorado
Spending time with Chad and away from the office for two days to focus on LifePlan was extremely beneficial. It provided a safe place for me to process and to put words to the following questions: Why I exist, Where am I headed (life’s vision), and what I must do (my life’s strategies) to get there. It also encouraged me to be more intentional with my passions and how I can best incorporate those into an already busy life. I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about becoming a better husband, father, friend, and business leader.
— Parker, Director of Wealth Management & Planning

Photo provided by Jared Chambers