The LifePlan process was created by Tom Paterson

Trained as an engineer, Tom used his design, organizational, behavioral, and process management skills to impact our world in a dramatic way. 

While with RCA corporation he was responsible for the first patent of the ATM machine, found the technology that made the first lightweight camcorder possible, introduced automotive electronics to the auto industry, and supervised the development of the electronic systems for Disney – the most advanced commercial command and control system of its day.

His idea of overnight delivery for Flying Tigers became the key profit driver in their sale to FedEx. He facilitated a planning session with Seven-Up that birthed the “caffeine-free” category of soft drinks.

In 1970, Tom launched a new career as a consultant. Tom and his associate Ted Smith designed an innovative approach to planning that could accomplish clarity, alignment, and breakthrough in just two days.

tom paterson.jpg

Over the next twenty years, through Paterson and Company, Tom advanced his signature processes, The Paterson Strategic-Operating Planning Process and the LifePlan Process. Many people in America have been impacted by what Tom has designed, discovered or helped to facilitate. Peter Drucker once told Tom that he was the most effective consultant in the country.

Information about Tom was collected by Jonathon Pool